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depuis le 01/03/2007

Index des articles > Hiroyuki Asada > Hiroyuki Asada interview (english)

Hiroyuki Asada interview (english)

Article posté par Ψcrazykouzubc.
Paru le mercredi 2 janvier 2008 à 00:20
Vu 1303 fois.

Hiroyuki Asada interview (english)

Hiroyuki ASADA interview.
From "I'll Crazy Kouzu Fan Club" (Published: August 2002 .)

The ITW was nicely translated from Italian to English by Alxmon. (Thanks a lot !)

official website :
Flash :
cover :


what sort of guy is Hiroyuki Asada?

a human reject.

is Hiroyuki Asada your real name?

yes. looks like when i was born it was unusually snowing in the kanto zone, so my parents thinking of white snow ("shiroi yuki" in japanese), through shiroyuki, they got hiroyuki. A terrific christening name thinking about it, though my parents are not really bothered about these things.

when were you born?

15 february 1968.


Yokohama, kanagawa district.

blood type?


height and weight?

165 cm for 52 Kg.

why did you became a mangaka?

simple i wanted to do it....that`s all...

who did you work as an assistant for?

i worked for two years for kenichi kotani, but i was helped by other people.

what hand do you use to draw?(what sort of question is this? Note by Evelyn)*


what tools do you use?

i use a G-pencil for character, while for the background i use a round pencil.

please explain the meaning of "I`ll"....

....`i do it`....maybe....

do you drink alchool?

a little...

what do you prefer?

gin...or whysky with little water.

do you smoke?


favourite cigarettes brand? and how many packets a day?

frontier pure....and i smoke lots.

do you do anything for your health?


favourite dish and what you can`t stand....

i like japanese cuisine. the best is sweet and sour with soya sauce taste. the katsudon(a bowl of rice with shredded breadcrumbed fried chicken) is a wonder**....i can t stand childrens.

fav drink?

i always drink can of coffe georgia emerald brand.

what`s your fav baseball player and team?

yakult swallows. and player is ikeyama, buthowever he has had his moment of glory already.

what`s your fav j-league player and team?

i don`t have any.

what type of wrestling do you like?

the one that involves more styles. the professional wrestling.

do you have a fav wrestler?

kyoshi tamura.

what`s your fav move?

the crossed arms slam.

fav color?

black and faint red.

fav flower?

don`t have one...but i was amazed by the look of a white magnolia at night.

fav season?

summer....when you have time to have fun.....

fav place?

the beach. And the openair sculpture park of hakone is beautyful.

fav clothes labels?

undercover, number nine, neighborhood, celt&cobra.

fav sport? or the one that you`d like to practice....

i love to swim in apnea***. i really would love to do skindiving.

fav gambling game?


tv program that you never miss?

buildings documentary, friends, the morning museum.

radio program you usually listen to?

none particularly.

fav music genre?

rock....and punk.

fav band?

Street raiders, Reiran, Blakey jet city, the early Loostas. the third album from Parfly. the first album from Ozaken i still like now. and then Mitchell and Air.of the western group i usually listen to old stuff only...mainly the beatles and iggy pop...he is phenomenal.

what do you usually listen to while you work?

usually while i draw tables i listen to good rock old style.

the film you like the most?

i am ashamed, can`t say it.

fav book?

generally classic literature.

videogame which you have fun with?

NBA2K on dreamcast, the players looks really like the ones from Kozou, only that Akane Tachibana is black...

the most expensive thing you bought up untill now?

a car.

if you would not have been a Mangaka what would you have wanted to be?

a cheap criminal.

the dream you had as a child?

to become a professional wrestler or a footballer.

first film you ever watched in your life....

i think i`ve seen it at the toei anime festival.

and the first ever bought?

Shitsuren Restaurant from Kentaro Shimizu. too dark....

a taste you`ll never forget...

curry`s udon

what sort of girl do you like?

the slightly ogly ones,maybe....but don`t really have much preference.

can you name an idol**** that you like at the moment?

the one on the NHK show Watashi no aozora.

when did you have your first love?

at kindergarden.

have you never written a love letter?


have you never fallen in love at first sight?

maybe no....

where did you go on your first date?

west exit of yokohama station. why do you ask me this sort of questions?

is there something that frighten you?

the death of a dear ones...i`m extremeley scared of it.

how do you spend your holidays?

sleeping and smoking.

do you cook? and what`s your fav dish?

i never bought a rice cooker...can`t do much....

what would you like to achieve before you die?

i would like to put right all the things i`m ashamed of.

sea or mountain?


what computer do you own?

a Mac G3...i think...

is there an internet site that you like?

the nikkan sports battle news.

what did you recently dreamed of?

I don`t dream much, but i remember two really strange ones. One where there was a coloured man with blood shot eyes who was doing an ambush on a train. and another one where a giant russian was doing a cosacco***** dance on the beach.

is there anyone who you stand in the awe of?

all the ones that helped me.

something you`re passionate about lately?

T-shirts and games.

what country would you like to visit?

I don`t wanna go abroad, but i`d like to see a nice landscape. and run in a scene like the ones in animes.

have you never tought of moving out?

yes of course.


close to the sea...kouzu`ll be really good.

houses western`s style or eastern`s style?

eastern`s. the bed i prefer is "futon" (japanese mattress) to lay down on, i prefer, "tatami" (straw mat lay down on the floor)...and eating mandarins while seating in the heat of the "kotatsu"(low tables with brazier in it).
and the water melon enjoyed in the veranda...but i love leather trousers.

what sort of people do you hate?

the affable and the always cheerful. the liars,impertinents, the bad mannered old....and then the math and science teachers....i can t stand `em...who knows why.....

your motto?

don t never worry about the road chosen....because if you worry....

...and what did you mean?

keep going straight on to the destination.

what made you most suffer untill now?

being a destructive type and selfharmer i can`t stand the daily discomfort....

the haircut you`d like to have at least once?

mohican couldn`t never.

is there a shop where d`you often go to?

a haidresser called jump...but there`s never the weekly mag of the same name!

and the car shop garage morris west.

[/b]what do you think you were in your previous life?[/b]

somebody that died falling from a really high place...

few wods of comment on your previous works....

different, but in the boundaries.

any plan for the end of the year?

i hate the word "plan".

what recently is worrying you?

the fact that i can t really go out to have fun anymore.

when do you get the best ideas for mangas?

when i have to complete a plot for a story i always have something else in my mind....

do you leave at last the things you like the most or you eat it at first?

in rotation.

do you have any particularity that you are pride of?

i forget things.

what s the first thing that you do when you wake up?


sorry for the question, can you tell me few words about how today politicians cunducts themselves?


the news that impressed you the most?

the JAS flight accident:all the time i listen to the message recorded on the black box i get cold shiver. and then there are bad things that everyone often do nowdays. maybe too often....

do you have any vices?

i always say "c`mon do the best you can do"

what is the thing you`d like to do the most now?

a road trip in a car to unknown destination.

where`d you like to go with a time machine?

i don`t need antything of this sort.

what has brought you into relizing this volume?

one of my bosses said let`s do this.

do you have any ideas for the realization of a manga?


what do you talk about with yours assistant?

we talk of assistant goda.

is there anything that really goes in the workplace?


what s the thing you care the most about?

the heart.....

if you could be reborn what`d u like to be?

a jellyfish.

what is the thing that you wish the most now?

have some free time.

was there something that really infuriated you this year?

my assistant goda...but no.....let`s live it there is better...

is there something changed with the arrival of the year 2000?

absolutley nothing.

what s the worst illness you had in the past year?

i waited so long before curing my ashtma that in an ambulance i stoped breathing. it was seriously risky.

what attracts you the most apart from your work?

playing with cats.

what car do you have and what car you wish you had.....

a RX-7(FC), i`d love to have some fun with it and turn it into something like a Mini-Cooper. the one i wish i had is a lancia delta integrale Ev. 2.

what s your best feature?

my unenthusiastic vitality.

something you are ashamed of from your past?

it happened some time ago. while coming back from a night slept at a friend`s house, his baby started to cry, and even though i said bye for the last time, really warmly, i had to come back after few minutes cause i had to fetch something i forgot.

when do you often sleep?

when i m not really busy usually during the holidays, 20 hours, but i do not really have an average.

what method do you use to stay awake during working nights?

i brush my teeth. and then i tell myself that all the japanese kids look forward to my releases. even though i m not really sure they look forward to it that much.....

and i have lots of tenacity.

the most critic time of this year?

i had many critics whole days one after the other this year.

what ingridients you prefer for your misoshiru?

onions and wakame.

when you bath where do you start from?

my left arm.

what s your ideal as a man?

the farm worker general daizaemon.

are there characters in i`ll that you like particularly? or that u feel are more close to you?

the baffo [called "moustachu" in french.( harumoto)]******. more than like him he is someone who can be of great help. and about who`s the closest.....i`d say all undistinguishly....

what do you do to distract yourself?


what would you like to confess?

there is so many that`ll be impossible to mention it all.

what parts of your body do you like?

my deformed middle finger. the six callus i got by writing.

and what you dislike?

the brains.

what was your nickname at school?


what is the worst memory of your high school years?

shoplifting in a covenience store with a friend of mine. while i was getting caught he told me to leave everything with him and he started to breakdance on the floor. really horrible. they re all point of view . there are some more incredibles ones, but i can t reveal it yet.

what was your part-time job during the school years?

i started in an liquer store. and i worked in various supermarket in the interior design department.

do you have any tales about errors you made during them years?

i couldn t get the right measure for blinds. kept selling it though so it caused a lots of blinds to be returned. my lady boss though liked me and didn t get upset with me so i repeated the same mistake many times before i left and i never learned.

did you join any club during your school years?

i m not that serious.

your ideal life?

do all that you want, getting everything you wish for, never have anything to regret, to die while sleeping.

what licence would you like to gain?

scubadiving, and the one for super powerful motocycles.

do you believe in horoscopes?

it depends from the situation.

your main nuitrition?

cacks seeds.

who can you call teacher of life or of the hearts?

chuya nakhara.

a person from who you can learn what not to do?

chuya nakhara.

do you believe in spirits and ghosts?

i believe they exist. and if is a ghost of someone i dont know i d be more happy. and i believe i saw one in the old studio of sensei kaoru shibayama. while i was sleeping a woman put her knees on my shoulder, like she was sitting. she was really scared.....

do you have a precise way to conduce your life?

it depends.....

have you never tought of getting married?

when i get ill.

in the life you ve lived untill now is there any stain?

i m fully stained, but i carry on regardless.

if you were told you a month to live?

i`d do something i`d be really ashamed of. i`d let pass the time slowly, looking at the sea.

if you`d get one milion yen how`d you use it?

i`d buy a car.

what dream would you like to become true?

get on the galaxy express.

is there anything that you take more care of in your works?

the general feeling that they transmit,both the drawings and the plots.

are you gonna carry on with renka?

yes when i finish I`LL....maybe.....

what gives you energy apart from drawing mangas?

knowing that somebody reads my work.

the happiest and funniest thing happened during your manga artist career?

i really had so many.

and the difficulty you find in being a mangaka?


Disclaimer: This interview is taken from "I'LL Crazy Kouzu Fan Club" published by Shueisha. It was online on a website dedicated to "I'll Generation Basket" and called "Howling Moon" but it is now offline. (anyway, here is the original link :


*this is a note from the italian translator.
**he is so right, i had katsudon is really really tasty and overall japanese cuisine is the best after the italian,LOL!
***apnea means swimming underwater with not breathing apparatus.
**** i guess you know what an idol is?!
*****could not translate this as i don t know what`s the english for it, but anyway it s the typical russian dance that they do jumping while sitting down i m sure you know the word in french so it shouldn`t be too much trouble
****** this refer to one of the character : Harumoto. [color=#cc3300][/color]

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Remonter Posté le 03/01/2008 par mizumachi71

longue interview pour pas grand chose, je la trouve pas vraiment très interessante à part quelques questions mais bon pour la plupart c'est assez inutile

a man's dream will never die


itw asada :: Commentaire n°2/2
Remonter Posté le 04/01/2008 par Ψcrazykouzubc

Mais Mizuuu c'est vrai que les questions sont pour la plupart idiotes... bon ok : 80% des questions sont débiles lol, mais c'est plutot marrant nan ? ˆˆ

C'est vrai que j'aimerai en savoir un peu plus sur Asada =)

It must be boring to take the route where nothing blooms. ~

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